The Peace Column – Come in love and peace with yourself

How often do we experience that we are not in love and not in peace with ourselves. We scold ourselves when we make a mistake, we criticize ourselves, weigh ourselves down, thinking we are dumb and stupid. We look to others who do a lot better than us, who are smarter and more skilled. At … mehr

Editorial article: Cultural health – Cultural disease

This is an excerpt from Culture Magazine Schloss Rudolfshausen I/2018: Humanity has its culture. Animals and plants have their nature. So when we talk about culture, it always has to do with us humans. We are the ones who live according to certain cultural foundations and cultural principles which we, as humanity have created by … mehr

The Farmer & His Prince (2013) – a film by Bertram Verhaag

DVD-Review and recommendation by Helene Walterskirchen: The Farmer & His Prince (2013) – a film by Bertram Verhaag The documentary “The Farmer & His Prince” was released in 2014 as a result of a 5-year long shoot. It was very well received in public, received countless positive press reviews and eight international awards. To add … mehr

The Peace Banner of Rudolfshausen Castle

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the peace culture center Rudolfshausen castle its founder Helene Walterskirchen talked about the origin and history of the peace banner as a historical document and a piece of folk art.

Be aware of messengers of strife!

Helene Walterskirchen shares her best advice on how to live a peace-oriented lifestyle and how to protect yourself from so-called messengers of strife in your everday life.

Culture Magazine II/2016 Rudolfshausen Castle

Current edition of the Culture magazine Rudolfshausen Castle. To read an excerpt (in German) please click here.   64 pages, DIN A4-format, in color Ecological and climate-neutral print Nominal charge € 10,– (for orders)

New publication 2016: Inside the mega-game of the universe

“Homo Ludens’” game of life in a universe of gaming worlds and orchestrations by Helene Walterskirchen The book takes you to the dimension of gaming worlds of this mega universe in which some are players who play and others are heads of the game directing the game. Have a glance behind the scenes of the … mehr

Culture Magazine 2015 Schloss Rudolfshausen

The magazine provides an insight into the cultural engagement of cultural mentors Helene and Alexandra Walterskirchen and their cultural workplace Schloss Rudolfshausen. For free trial pages click here.   52 Pages, DIN A4-shape, color Ecological and climate neutral print Token charge € 10,– (for orders)