Decision time: For God or for the devil

 by Helene Walterskirchen:



Much is said about peace today, but the more one tries to bring it about, the more it seems to move away and the discord grows instead.

Now someone could say: „But the demonstration on August 1st in Berlin was peaceful,” which is right in itself and yet it is also wrong. It deepened the gap between the Covid-19-fanatics and the Covid-19-opponents even more. It has further deepened the gap between the FRD-system supporters and the FRG-critics. It has further deepened the gap between the left and the right. It has further deepened the gap between vaccination supporters and vaccination opponents. It has further deepened the rift between nihilists and deist, and so on.

It is frightening: the gap between the groups „pros“ and „cons“ is getting deeper and deeper. It runs through society as a whole, through circles of colleagues, friends, families. Accepting and tolerating the opinion and attitude of the other is no longer the case. No! The other becomes an enemy with whom one no longer wants to have anything to do with, even though one may have been close friends for life.

The ability to take things easy, to react calmly, perhaps even with a sense of humour, is steadily diminishing in our society. The climate becomes increasingly dogged, increasingly hostile, and increasingly hateful. You have to take a stand. When you take a stand, you are either one’s friend or his enemy. There is nothing in between.

You can call it a marriage that is very bad and that is about to end, where there is only conflict between the spouses and fights against each other. Separation and divorce is inevitable. Peace can only return when the step of separation and divorce is completed.

Do we as a society also have to part and divorce? Can we as a human family not live together peacefully, cherish, and accept each other and our opinions? Where is the love that once bound us? Has it possibly died? However, if it has not died yet, it is in danger! How often do we cut someone short, accuse him of misconduct and incompetence, yes, sometimes we would even like to slap his face. In the positive case, we apologize later. In the negative case, we insist that we are right and stop talking to the other person.

Who is the bad person, and who is the good person? Is he the good one who gives money for a worldwide forced vaccination? On the other hand, does the supposedly good person only dress in the garb of the good and is in reality the evil one? Here, too, people get into arguments, because some people really see the good as the good, while others recognize the evil. Both sides are hard as bone in their views and are often hostile to each other.

In today’s society, it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad and vice versa. Who really means well and who is truly a good person? Is the person who can smile nicely and campaigns for peace a good person per se, or is the one who does not smile and speaks sternly of the fact that we must all be one, a bad person per se? It is almost impossible, if you do not know the person better, to decide whether he or she is a good or bad person who means good or bad with us. In order to make such a decision, one would have to look into the privacy of the person and investigate questions, such as „What is his sex life like? Is it clean or perverted? Does he even do innocent children“ or „What is his relationship with God? Is God dead to him? Is man the measure of all things for him? Moreover, if God is dead to him, does he believe that he can do anything? Does he therefore lie and cheat brazenly and murder unconscionably others who stand in the way of his aims?“

One thing is very clear: whoever is a sexual pervert, can never be a good person! Whoever beats or abuses his wife and children can never be a good person! Whoever performs satanic masses and sacrifices innocent children can never be a good person! The one who drinks human blood and eats human flesh can never be a good person, even if he presents himself to the public as a do-gooder by donating large sums of money to poor people.

Even if some people have a certain problem with this: Who says: „God is dead! Long live man, the new God!“ can never be a good person. Those who blaspheme and ridicule God can never be good persons. Whoever worships the devil or demons and sacrifices to them in Satan’s masses, can never be a good person. The one who devotes or has devoted his soul to the devil can never be a good person, even if he publicly calls himself a philanthropist and donates millions to charity.

What we need is a world without sex-, money- and power-hungry perverts, and deniers of God or blasphemers, who are devoted to the devil and whose souls are as black as the darkest night.

It is not so much about corona or socialism, not so much about economic boom and climate protection measures. It is about our inner being, whether we lead a clean life, have pure thoughts, behave cleanly, i.e. that we can come before God at any time and answer to him, because we know that we have behaved purely, virtuous and divine in everything in our earthly life.

What is going on right now in our country and all over the world is, strictly speaking, the struggle between God and the devil or rather between God’s devotees and devil’s devotees. This struggle is the inner essence of all external struggles that are taking place at the moment: in the corona struggle, in the economic struggle, in the financial struggle, in the struggle of faith, in the political struggle, in the climate struggle, in the peace struggle, etcetera.

Each one of us is called upon to look within oneself and determine for whom or what we are committed to or fight for. Critics of the system, who are only out to get the highest possible clicks with their YouTube videos or Twitter posts are driven by selfishness, greed, and power, even if they seem to stand up for the good in the world. Politicians who are only out to make a career and get a big boost are driven by lies, career greed, and selfishness; even if they claim to only want well. Writers who boast of being number one in the Spiegel magazine’s bestseller ranking are thirsting for glory and are egotistical egotists who are craving for fame and prestige, even if they donate part of their fee to the needy.

Yes, it is easy to serve the devil in our world today, but it is difficult to serve God in a world dominated by the devil. Let us say „yes“ to God! God always was and always will be. However, the devil has not always been and consequently at some point – eventually – he will not be anymore. The only true and legitimate power is with God!

Then we should look at our fellow human beings and all the current processes in our society: Do they serve God, or do they serve the devil? It is about the essence and not about the visible stage. When there is struggle being fought on this stage to expose a liar or a lie, i.e. something devilish, then the essence that is at work in this struggle is a divine one, because the truth is „the light of God“. In this sense, all of us who fight for „the light of God“ should unite, no matter whether we are white or black, Christians or Muslims, educated or uneducated, indigenous Germans or migrants, whether we like the other or not, whether we find him/her congenial or not. What unite us all are God and his light of truth, for which we stand up with all our courage.

True to the motto, as Mick Dundee so aptly put it in his 1986 film “Crocodile Dundee”: “God and I are buddies!” With this, he expresses that he has the biggest and strongest guardian there is in the world. Wherever he goes, God is with him: as befits a divine buddy. Moreover, the word „buddy“ is not meant in a pejorative way, but with the greatest respect, being aware that he is only a weak person compared to his divine buddy. This is especially apparent in the sequel of the movie from 1988, in which Mick fights the devil, in the shape of two unscrupulous drug lords.


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