Editorial article: Cultural health – Cultural disease

This is an excerpt from Culture Magazine Schloss Rudolfshausen I/2018:

Humanity has its culture. Animals and plants have their nature. So when we talk about culture, it always has to do with us humans. We are the ones who live according to certain cultural foundations and cultural principles which we, as humanity have created by ourselves and still create. Each of us is part of humanity and lives within this culture, thus representing this culture. This also applies to those who say, “I have neither created this culture nor influence it, so it’s none of my business either!”

Culture-Basic Law No. 1: The culture of a society must be designed so that the society is healthy and can live in harmony with the larger whole, nature!

If we look at our contemporary society and its culture of life and society, we must realize that the existing culture is sick and does not live in harmony with the larger whole, nature. Here are some examples for clarification:

Today’s family culture is shaped to divorce almost half of all closed marriages, often causing rose wars, in which the children are the bone of contention and suffering. Such a family culture is not healthy, but sick. The emergence of such a sickly family culture is evidence that the culture leaders of this country and this world have not been able to create a healthy family culture.

In today’s social culture, the mobile phone or smartphone is dominant. In addition, a mobile phone and smartphone culture evolved that is constantly evolving. This is a very young structure in contrast to the family culture, which has existed for many millennia, but has changed over time over and over again. The mobile phone and smartphone culture meant that, for example, families no longer talk to each other at the table, but everyone, whether mother, father or child stares at his device and taps on it. Similar things can be found in the playground at schools or on the train or in the subway. More and more people are addicted to mobile phones and smartphones. Conclusion: The culture that has developed with the invention and use of mobile phones and smartphones, is pathological – it is not healthy! Who is to blame? The leaders would say: “The people themselves. Because everyone can decide alone whether he uses his mobile phone or smartphone or turns it off.” One could reply: “It is the job of the leaders of a country or this world, to oversee the cultural structures in the society and to ensure that members of society can build a positive, healthy cultural foundation for such modern invention.”

More and more people experience burnout today: depressions, nervous breakdown, longing for death, worst anxiety, hysterical crying, physical breakdown, etc. – those affected are physical, mental and spiritual wrecks and no longer capable of a “normal” life. In Austria, for example, one million out of the entire population of eight million are affected, and those who are heading for it, but can still somehow compensate for it with medication, are not included. This clearly demonstrates a pathogenic life and social culture. Because only when a society has a healthy life and social culture foundation can people live a life in which the best factors exist to make them healthy.

Again, one could look for the guilt of the individual himself under the motto: “Should he / she just live differently! Treat yourself to more leisure and relaxation. Not so perfectionist, etc.” But we can just as well counter that: “Isn’t it the role of leaders to provide a life and social culture foundation to the citizens of their state or this world, so that they can live to be healthy?”

This raises the fundamental question: Who is responsible for means of livelihood and social culture of a nation or even the whole world? Is it the individual citizen? No, certainly not, because – in the case of mobile phone or smartphone – an individual, through own behavior, couldn’t be able to trigger crowd behavior. This is triggered from elsewhere, e.g. through propaganda or companies’ advertising, which want to manufacture and distribute these devices. In this case, the companies themselves or their corporate leaders are the trigger. They want to do good business with as much profit as possible, so they run a kind of brainwashing that infects the so-called “consumers”, they also need to have a cell phone or smartphone and use it; only then would they be hip and happy.

This begs the question: What does the government do for or against it? Isn’t it the superordinate state system that should look after its citizens and make sure that they live in a healthy environment based on cultural fundamentals? That’s the way to go. The reality, on the other hand, is that economic interests are higher than those of politics. Thus, the influence of the economic system on the citizens of a country or this world is greater than that of politics.

Many people have been and are “duped” by economic or political leaders so that they are in a kind of twilight state and unaware of what’s really going on. However, today there are more and more people who wake up or those who have woken up (or perhaps never slept) and who take specific measures to wake up their confreres and sisters and make them aware of the morbid cultural foundations most of us live in. There are very good and informative books and films as well as lectures. However, one should also be vigilant here and separate the wheat from the chaff, so that one isn’t susceptible to manipulation.

The Culture-Magazine Schloss Rudolfshausen is not a medium that deals with analysis or basic research on cultural diseases according to the motto: “How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who or what is to blame for the fact that it happened? “We start from the current situation, that is, that there are cultural diseases in the various cultural areas that leads to people being sick or got sick. Farmers, for example, who live in a diseased agricultural culture consciousness, unfortunately infect what is called nature, for example by spraying pesticides and herbicides on their fields or spread ankle-deep liquid manure and sewage sludge, and ruin the soils, plants and animals – but ultimately humans as well. Because people are allowed to eat and drink what the farmers produce, in the form of bread, cereals, cakes, milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc. Instead how would a healthy agricultural culture look like? Let’s look forward to every farmer who has the courage to switch to organic and ecological farming! Now, all it takes is more and more people who have the courage and willingness to buy only organic and ecological products, even if they are a few cents or more expensive.

With our Culture-Magazine Schloss Rudolfshausen we want to show possibilities and ways how people can establish a healthy culture on a permanent basis and what matters. Our culture articles and culture portraits give hints and suggestions for a healthy cultural lifestyle.

The change from a culture-making to a culture-healing lifestyle begins by not following the modern, brainwashing and manipulative lifestyle of the “incompetent culture guides”, recognizing and acknowledging how sick our cultural society and our nature are. You have to open your eyes and face the reality, as shocking as it may be, and face it. We cannot take the attitude of saying, “It’s none of my business! Devil may care!” We are responsible for the cultural heritage that we leave to our children and grandchildren, as well as future generations.

Taking on responsibility and bear the blame is seldom neither convenient nor easy, but it leads to what we call “conscious parenting,” in which we no longer play the children’s role, we are already adults. Let’s become responsible “cultural parents” and let us be a role model showing our children how to live a healthy culture that provides them with the foundation to develop a high-quality, ethical culture awareness.

Schloss Rudolfshausen, 14.01.2018

Helene Walterskirchen


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